Monday, May 28, 2018

Rooted in Community

anchored in love

breathing moving radical transformation

each one is completely seen for who they are in their fullness, in their struggles, in their yearnings

celebrating each others unique journeys

heart medicine

soul medicine

wild medicine

roots & wings

stillness & movement

inhale & exhale

what do you long for in this moment?

what makes you feel alive in this moment?

Monday, March 27, 2017

dandelion love

I have fallen all over in love with dandelion!

the lion that wakes you in spring
I squatted next to dandelion
waiting for permission
to uproot him. Holy work
digging deep               loosening
the soil. I gently pull & feel how one being
gives itself      
into my hands. The dirt around
holy also. Some of it will make it into the tea pot
& I am becoming        wilder


earth dance
wild bold dandelion
blossom           velvet
to the touch. My tongue traces each petal
taking you in               chewing you
slowly              so sweet. Whispers
of independence & connectedness
reaching me from
so close & still I can’t
grasp it

Monday, March 13, 2017

Shapeshifting woman
how I surrender to the moon           search for myself
in the darkness when there’s only the thinnest silver sliver
        my body, my mind so still               
I become comfortable in this space
where death touches me and I lean
closer       without needing to understand.      

It would make sense to yearn
for his world.   To be swallowed by a mystery I can’t escape
anymore   unless
        I let go of everything I know, I think I am, I try so hard            to be
I am so scared in a world that kills
what’s beautiful. Scared because I kill the ugly
which is the beautiful which

bones break and knit together in unexpected ways
skin stretches sleek smooth over a body          so foreign
ears grow in wild listening              
my gaze so fierce in yellow & green
my tailbone pushes further & further
        in pain & ecstasy.
I leap into the jungle

                wound-driven          to find home.

March 2017
wild green diet

I’m crawling out of my winter den & awaken – aah -  into this ecstatic expression of Life
each cell in my body pulses to earth, star & sun energy
wind tumbles my world
I leap into

1-week Wild Green Diet

What to expect:
       Deep nourishment
   Liver cleansing
  Blood building
      Focus & clear mind
     Balanced emotions

Monday, May 30, 2016

summer musings


Wild expansion towards summer awakens the element of fire teasing out laughter & play in each one of us. Our hearts – representing the divine on earth – open wide taking in the blossoming earth; recognizing our own beauty.

This is the time of bonfires, sun-time, water-time and dancing to fairy music time. For my daily vitamin D fix, I love exposing as much skin as possible with no sunscreen applied for about 20minutes. After that, I might wear a sunhat and apply trusted sunscreen (without titanium dioxide or silicone oil). I pay attention to my skin by staying hydrated, consuming an anti-inflammatory diet, and topically using coconut oil.

To celebrate the divine feminine and find balance to the fire element, I choose to sit by water, swim in lakes, oceans or pools, I sprint through water sprinklers and dance in the rain.

On June 20th Summer Solstice falls together with the World Refugee Day. As we celebrate the sun, I see an opportunity to recognize how we are all connected, how we are one family. How can I care for this big family? How can I ease suffering? My calling is to serve; to offer my gifts to the world. I am so grateful to the world of plants that gives so generously. The plant I mostly associate with the beginning of summer is St. Johnswort : also called the sun bride who transforms light into nerve energy. Samuel Hahnemann gave St. Johnswort a homeopathic proving: specific for wounds to parts rich in nerves with sharp shooting pains, pinched nerves… Father Sebastian Kneipp called St. Johnswort the ‘perfume of God’ and the ‘flower of the fairies’. As a Flower Essence it can be a wonderful ally in melancholy. Paracelsus called it a sun-plant that brings sun & light into sad hearts. I encourage you to find St. Johnswort: sit with it and listen. One of my experiences with ‘Johanniskraut’ (that’s what we call it in Austria): just a few drops of the tincture and I feel a tingling into my fingertips. The blood seems to circulate more freely, and my pulse slows down. After a few minutes I can experience how the energy moves towards my center with a very calming effect.

This summer, may you spend time to connect with new plant friends, with the elements, with animals & humans and choose to play more. Peace Claudia